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Week Eight

There's been a lot going on this week! We had all the new stud walls plastered on Friday so let them dry over the weekend then spent an evening giving them all a first coat of paint. Can highly recommend taping a brush to a stick if you're only 5' 3" and have some far away corners to reach.

One of the things that's really enjoyable about the Ginger build project is seeing our ideas and plans becoming a reality. The kitchen plan we sketched out on a piece of paper in a pub (where we were testing wine for business purposes...) is starting to take shape now. Once we've finished painting we can plumb in the sink and dishwasher, add a splashback and install the additional cupboards and worktop - then the kitchen will be ready to roll!

There's the dishwasher! We managed to get this in the back of the car and into the unit using our little trolley which has already been worth the £20 we spent on it. It's amazing what you can fit in the back of a Peugeot 307 - we've had flooring, worktops, timber, stools, benches, tables and old sinks in there. The only thing that has defeated us is doors!

We've also been meeting with more suppliers this week, talking about cheese, wine and coffee machines. The cheese in the photo is an award-winning Yorkshire blue and may well be making an appearance on our cheese boards.

We're in the process of making a decision on the all important coffee machine and hope to have that sorted by next week. There are so many options out there and we're trying to get the perfect balance of form and function. We'll be serving lovely locally roasted coffee and want to make sure that we have the right kit and training to deliver a consistently tasty cup to every customer.

Something we have definitely decided on is getting a 'tall' version of whatever machine we choose. This is so that we can comfortably fit reusable cups under the group heads. We'll be offering a discount to customers who bring their own cup and will have some available to buy.


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