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Week Eleven

Time is really flying by now! We only have a couple of weeks left at work and it feels like there is still so much to do to get the cafe ready. We're continuing to make good progress across all areas though and are keeping up the momentum with Ginger as we start to wind things up in our jobs.

Over the past week we've enjoyed testing various cakes and other sweet treats and are really pleased to have got our suppliers lined up - look out for a ginger theme in some of our baked goods (that's a vegan cherry and ginger frangipan in the photo above - one of my favourites!).

We've also been buying various bits of equipment for the counter including two very sexy coffee grinders and an assortment of bowls, plates and kitchen gadgets.

A really big job completed this week was the plastering of the ceiling which is now drying nicely in this lovely weather. We had to cover all the windows ahead of the plastering and will leave the sheets up for the painting, but we'll take them down again soon as we know how many people have been enjoying peeping in at our progress as they pass by!

We also spent an evening cleaning the air conditioning units (one of countless tasks I never thought I'd be doing!), weeding the walkway outside the unit, building shelves and tidying up the store room. Plenty more evenings of cleaning, painting and sorting ahead of us!


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