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Week Fifteen

Opening day draws ever closer and our work at the café has started to change a bit this week from manual jobs to adding final touches to the space, making menu decisions, talking with suppliers and filling up the shelves with crockery and equipment. We're also still problem-solving and have a few things to resolve before we can open up!

The photo above gives a flavour of how our style is coming together. We've scattered cushions around the bench seating, have brought some plants over and are getting the artwork ready to hang on the walls. Many of these things have been bought and stored at home over many months and it's great to finally be bringing them to the café. The shelf on the right will be used for retail including coffee, tea, chocolate, chutney, beer and wine.

Speaking of wine, one of our favourite meetings this week was with our wine supplier, John Hattersley. John and Sean have done a great job of putting together a wine list that fits with our theme and our menu and we enjoyed tasting the house wines (including the Prosecco in the photo which was delicious) and talking about the shelf wines. Key to our concept is that most of the food and drink we serve on the menu will also be available to buy to take home. When it comes to wine and beer everything will have normal 'drink in' price and a lower 'take home' price and everything will be available to browse on the shelves and read about on our website. Writing up the menus and price labels has started this week!

One of our favourite things in the café is this plant pot cover crocheted by my very creative sister Kathy. We love having little personal touches like this around the place - not to mention that all the building work and electrics have been done by family members, we're very lucky!

The next blog post should feature some of our products and some final photos of the café space. Then roll on opening day!!


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