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Week Four

We almost have a store room! The stud wall in the back of the unit has been plasterboarded so the next step is to plaster it then paint it (and one day hang some lovely art on it!). We've been able to section off quite a large area for our store room where we'll have a couple of big fridges and lots of shelving.

This photo shows the toilet area on the left of the stud wall and the little kitchen on the right. The old toilet, sink and pipework have gone and we now have some nice new pipes running through the toilet and kitchen - almost seems a shame to box the copper ones in! The old water heater, sink and kitchen units have also been removed and you can just about see the new, bigger water heater on the kitchen wall.

The back of the unit has shiny copper but in the front we've got shiny stainless steel. This will be fitted in the front of the cafe next to the coffee machine. We're having to think creatively in a couple of areas to maximise the space, and hopefully this double corner sink will have been a good choice.

It's not all about building work and there are dozens of other things to think about, including... aprons! We'll write about this properly in a later blog post, but we're really chuffed to be getting some aprons made for us by hand. This highly detailed technical drawing gives a hint of what they will look like and we'll be getting a real life prototype to try soon!

We also managed to fit in a bit more work on the food side of things this week and had a great meeting with a potential charcuterie supplier. We tasted some delicious and unusual cured meats and are looking forward to exploring this further so we can pull together a great selection for our sandwiches and deli boards.


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