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Week Fourteen

So much has happened this week it's hard to know where to start. We both finished our jobs last Friday which was of course sad in some ways but also really exciting and meant that we could finally focus entirely on Ginger. We scheduled lots of deliveries for the first Monday after finishing work including furniture, lighting, crockery and of course the coffee machine! We wanted to get that up and running as soon as possible so we could start practising making coffees while we work. We had it installed on Tuesday and had some training on Wednesday from Trev at Smith Street Coffee Roasters where we're getting our beans from.

Things never go smoothly and it turns out that our main grinder isn't working, so we're now trying to get that sorted out. Luckily we've got a great little second grinder that we plan to use for decaf, so we've been able to use that for the time being. Trev gave us a great overview of the basics of grinding and weighing coffee and the right timings for the perfect shot of espresso. We also did some milk steaming and had a go at latte art. We've had some barista training before but it was a brilliant refresher and we've been practising every day.

Another exciting development was having the external signage and window vinyls installed. We're really pleased with how these look and they've generated lots of interest with plenty of people calling in to ask when we're opening. It's so nice meeting local residents and business owners while we're working on Ginger!

The lighting is in place throughout the unit now and after a late night here last night we were able to give it a quick test when it started to go dark - here are the lights over the counter area, but they look great in the main seating area too. We'll share some photos of those soon.

This photo also shows a couple of other developments. The chiller cabinet was delivered early this week and after a bit of a battle getting it through the door it's in and waiting to be turned on shortly before we open. You can also see the bottle fridge in the background which has been handy for keeping milk and juice (and a few 0% alcohol beers - alcohol and furniture building don't mix!!). And finally the blinds which we've fitted throughout the unit. The sun and light in this space are sooo nice, but they make the room pretty hot in these tropical temperatures we've been having. The blinds should help with this, and the air conditioning is doing a good job of keeping us cool too.

We've been using our new crockery and teapots this week and are really happy with both. Here we were testing breakfast tea blends - there's a bit more work to be done on that, but we're looking forward to working with Sheffield's own Craft Tea Company and have a great selection of loose leaf teas lined up to drink in and buy to take home.

I'll end by sharing a photo of my laptop where I've been sat writing the first blog post in the cafe - hopefully it will be the first of many :-)


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