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Week Nine

We were delighted to receive a prototype apron in the post this week - and we absolutely love it! My very talented cousin Sabrina made it for us and will be making a bunch more for us to use in Ginger. She already has a business selling handmade aprons - check out The Happy Moth on Etsy - so it made sense to ask her to make some barista aprons for the cafe. Thanks Sabrina, we will wear them with pride!

Work inside the unit is still coming along well. The frame for the new plasterboard ceiling is complete and wiring is in place for the lights. We've also had the kitchen sink and dishwasher plumbed in and the water heater is fully functioning so we finally have hot and cold running water (definitely preferable to cold water shooting out of a pipe at 60mph - oops!). The bathroom flooring is down and the toilet and sink are being fitted this week too so you can look forward to some more toilet photos soon!

We've been doing more work on the food and drink menu, testing some recipes and potential products and ingredients from suppliers we've been talking to. We've also narrowed down our cheese list and are excited to be stocking some really tasty and unusual cheeses from Yorkshire and beyond.

After a lot of deliberation we've also chosen our coffee machine and plan to put in the order this week... More will be revealed soon!


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