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Week One

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

After what feels like ages waiting for permissions and paperwork, we finally got the keys to the unit last Friday! There have been a lot of processes to go through to make sure we're doing everything properly - registering the business, change of use consent, alcohol and music permissions, building control etc. - not to mention all the legal paperwork associated with taking on a lease.

Now we're in there we've got cracking with planning out the space and starting the building work to create a disabled toilet, store room, all the seating and the counter area. We're also removing all the old ceiling tiles and lighting and replacing them with something a bit more in keeping with our theme.

As the news spreads through our friends, family and colleagues we're overwhelmed by all the support and enthusiasm for our plans. This is a totally new venture for us and we've got a lot to learn, but we're really excited and hope we can make Ginger a success!

Taking out the old lighting.

Getting ready to build a stud wall to create a store room.

Planning the seating - love all the sunlight flooding in!


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