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Week Seven

This week has involved a lot of conversations with suppliers as we whittle down our menu choices and work out where we're going to get things from. We've spoken before about our plan to use local and independent companies and products as much as possible and we're making some good strides with that. We spent a happy Friday night tasting beers and we anticipate a couple of the ones in the photo above being available in Ginger. We particularly liked a few beers from Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge (great taste + great artwork) and will definitely be looking to stock those.

Friday night was also spent doing a stock take of all the items we've been squirrelling away over the last few months as we've bought bits and pieces that have caught our eye. Here's a sneak preview of some of these things - they should give a bit of an idea of the style we're going for. The lovely print in the middle of the shot is by Maggie Magoo Designs and was a gift from a friend - thanks Amy!

Work on the ceiling in the front of the unit is progressing nicely too. Much of the old metal frame has come down and a new wooden frame is going up for the plasterboard.

We've also been preparing for the back rooms to be completed in the next week or so and have bought worktops, kitchen units, flooring, doors and a dishwasher. It will be great to get the bathroom, kitchen and store room finished off so we can concentrate on the front of the cafe. We'll also have running water and a working toilet, hooray!


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