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Week Six

Important decisions are on the horizon... What colour should we paint the toilet walls? It's tempting to choose based on the name alone - that mustard colour on the right is called 'Nectar of the Goddess' for instance - but we'll whittle down a few favourite colours and get some sample pots (no pun intended).

It seems that every week there's a lot to say about the toilet, and here it is in all its Week Six glory, soon to be plastered and painted an excitingly named shade of green (or maybe blue, or grey...). The actual toilet and sink will be fitted once the walls and floor are finished.

Moving away from the toilet, but onto a related matter, we've been testing loose leaf teas this week - might get some friends on board with this to make sure we're appealing to berry fans and mint fanatics and everything in between. We've got a few more supplier meetings lined up over the next couple of weeks and are looking forward to talking about cheese and wine!

More developments this week include:

- getting lights and electric sockets in the store room and lights in the corridor

- we had a visit from Building Control and a thumbs up for everything we've done so far

- the new roof is finished and the scaffolding will be coming down soon

We should have plenty more to update you on next week, but until then, if you want to share your knowledge of toilet wall colour theory, give us a shout!


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