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Week Ten

We've had another busy week with lots of meetings, testing things and buying things! We spent a lovely afternoon with our good friend Ruth testing out salad combinations and dressings. We're planning to have a handful of core salads that we do on rotation and will also try out new recipes and change things up depending on what's in season.

We experimented with all sorts of ingredients including rocket, chick peas, beetroot, feta, walnuts, figs, tomatoes, lentils and roasted peppers to name but a few. We also used fresh herbs from Ruth's garden - something we may look to do ourselves. We're always open to feedback and suggestions so drop us a line if you'd like to share any ideas!

We squeezed in a lunch time visit to Sheffield Cheese Masters who are tucked away in a workshop in Neepsend where they make the delicious Little Mester cheese. We had a look at the equipment and owner Sophie talked us through the process. We also saw a batch ripening in the maturing room - these are turned regularly to make sure the mould has an even coverage over the cheese. Then we tasted the cheese - it's soft and creamy and absolutely delicious! We'll definitely be stocking Little Mester for sale and will be serving it on our menu too.

We also met with Kate at Cocoa Wonderland and tried some of their chocolate bars. Fruit Salad and Salted Caramel were definite favourites! Kate told us about the business over a cup of tea and showed us the little chocolate making room in the back of the shop - we had no idea they made the chocolate right there on Ecclesall Road. We're hoping to stock some Cocoa Wonderland chocolate in Ginger too!

Over the last week or so we've met several women who have started their own businesses, often leaving full time jobs to do so. It's been really inspiring for us to talk with other women who have taken the plunge to follow their dreams and start their own businesses. As the date we leave our jobs to open the cafe draws closer, it really buoys us to have these chats, and we're excited to be able to work with these awesome ladies!


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