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Week Thirteen

The building work has picked up pace during this past week and we now have most of our counter area in place. The corner sink is being plumbed in this week and we also have all the wood ready and waiting for the bench seating and window bar to be built - exciting!

We've also got the first of the pendant lights hung and are really pleased with how they look, despite the plastic wrapping! We now have a door on every room (including the toilet, phew) and shelving in the store room so we can stack things away neatly. The first bits of our barista kit are stored there while we wait for the coffee machine to arrive next week.

We've had some ups and downs this week - nothing massive, just lots of little challenges and issues that crop up when managing a big project. We've been out picking up a core drill bit before 8am on a work day (shortly after learning what a core drill actually is) and testing paint colours at 8pm at night (when you realise that paint on a wall without windows looks literally nothing like the sample card).

But we've also had some great moments. Meeting Anna at Cocoa Mester and sampling her delicious award-winning chocolates was a definite highlight. We also met four friends who were walking by the shop on Friday night and popped in while we were having a look at the new counter area. They have been following our blog with interest and are itching for us to open! It was lovely to meet some of our future customers who are as enthusiastic about our concept as we are.

We both finish work on Friday (eeek!) but can't wait to be able to concentrate on Ginger full time. Lots of things are on the schedule for the coming week so the next blog post should include furniture, shelving and the all important coffee machine!


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