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Week Three

Plenty more progress this week! The parents have been doing a brilliant job and are just as good at deconstructing as they are at constructing! Nearly all the ceiling tiles are gone, doors have been removed and the toilet flooring has all been taken up. The stud walls are nearly ready for plasterboard which should be going on during week four - the last thing to do is widen the toilet doorway.

The toilet is all ready for the plumber to start work this week. He'll be putting in a disabled loo, sink and grab rails, bringing all the pipework through to the front of the shop for the coffee machine and sink and installing a water heater in the kitchen.

We've also now got a working phone line thanks to a lovely BT engineer who visited on Wednesday, so we're all ready to get broadband in a couple of months.

Another big job for week four is the roof - we're getting a new one! Scaffolding has gone up and work starts in a couple of days' time.

The other big thing that happened during week three was going public with the news of our venture! This meant announcing it on Facebook (nothing in life is official until you've done that right?) and getting started with Ginger's social media accounts - you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We've had lots of enthusiasm for what we're doing and a few lovely messages from other businesses in the area - we're looking forward to meeting our neighbours in real life soon!

And finally let's end with a gratuitous cheese photograph... Did we mention that there will be plenty of cheese at Ginger? We've been doing some testing for the menu and we reckon this tasty mango and ginger Wensleydale may well be making an appearance!


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