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Week Twelve

Plenty has been going on this week and we've spent several evenings at the cafe and lots of time making final decisions and ordering things. Last Friday we visited Welbeck Bakehouse and were really impressed with the set up, service and of course the quality of the products, and we're very happy to be using them as our baker. Look out for some lovely pastries, sourdough and ciabatta rolls!

We also used Friday to get all the tables and chairs ordered. Other things on order include the sound system, lots of kitchen equipment and all the lighting. We also received our aprons from The Happy Moth - still loving these!

We're trying to make sure we have a bit of down time when we can, but even then we're still taking the opportunity to do more research - drinking craft beer is definitely one of my favourite kinds of research. We tried some fab beers at The Ale Club on Ecclesall Road (one of our favourite bars!) and while Ginger won't have anywhere near the same range as they have, it was great to get a little bit of inspiration for our small selection.

Inside the shop things are coming on really well. The ceiling and walls are all freshly painted and looking very clean and bright, even with the windows covered! Units are being built for the counter area and all the wood is on order to build the bench seating and window bar. The doors are being hung later this week and the little kitchen is almost finished.

Outside the unit we've got all the weeds up so it's looking pretty neat now - hopefully they'll stay away before we open! We've also got window cleaning and signage booked in for a couple of weeks' time too, then it will really start to look like Ginger!


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