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Week Two

We've made some good progress during the second week in terms of remodelling the existing space. The wall between the current toilet and kitchen has come down and this area will become a new disabled toilet and smaller kitchen.

We also have the framework in place for the new store room wall - this view is from inside the store room looking towards the kitchen and toilet. The little gap on the left will be a space to store highchairs and hang coats.

This has also been a week where we've run into a few problems - a big one being that the roof is leaking and needs to be replaced before we can do the electrics in the ceiling and put up new plasterboard. Water seems to be a running theme and we didn't have any for a little while, but we managed to get that fixed too thankfully - a coffee shop without water wouldn't do much business!

Other things we've been tackling this week include speaking with Building Control to make sure that our plumbing work is all up to scratch, getting set up with utility companies, trying to get the phone line sorted out and speccing out the sound system.


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